The Future, thoughts and probabilities.

eXa Bites

Why is it worth while to invest in space travel? Why would it make sense to invest in a technology that would allow us to exist in both varying gravitational and ultra-extreme environments? I mean, would you ever need a suit to facilitate you experiencing 4-5 Gs for an extended duration?

We should really accommodate for one truth first and foremost, Earth (as we know it) will be destroyed. We know there’s a good chance it will be due to an extraterrestrial event, and it will likely happen a good long while after we have found a way to become extinct. So no need to sweat about that just yet, but there’s no fault in being prepared as much as we can be. Granted, most space programs are not aimed at providing an escape option for the people of Earth. We have a long way to go in understanding how…

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