The Curious Case of The T-Rex Footprint.

Old Guv Legends

1001961_232948170233138_5909845115092684708_nIt was Professor Phil Manning who discovered the first known Tyrannosaur footprint in the Hell Creek formation in Montana. He’d seen it on the last day of an expedition in 2006 but did not have the time to investigate further, so he returned the following year and began to search for it all over again.

It is rather unremarkable to look at and unless you knew what you were looking at you wouldn’t notice it. Rather thinner than one would expect a foot to be, the toes only just joined to the main foot and it is raised in profile rather than indented. And it is much darker than the rock around it. It measures around 29 inches long and similarly wide and was formed when a T-Rex walked in the clay of a flood plain, compressing it enough that it became tougher than the rock surrounding it and so…

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